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Turkey’s Invasion of South Kurdistan & Report from Shengal
On April 17, Turkey launched an invasion in South Kurdistan (northern Iraq), deploying ground forces and bombarding large areas with warplanes, drones, and artillery. In addition to targeting PKK bases, Turkey has also attacked civilians, hitting villages in air strikes and terrorizing the local Kurdish communities. Evidently, the invasion has been facilitated by the Kurdistan Regional Government. Not surprisingly, there has been no condemnation of Turkey’s actions by the international community and little to no coverage of the invasion in the mainstream media.
At the same time, on April 18, the Iraqi Army started attacks on the Yazidi YBS/YJS and Asayish forces protecting the towns at the foot of Mt. Shengal. YBS/YJS and Asayish were created by the Yazidi people as a self-defense measure against ISIS. Now, those same militias must be ready to endure airstrikes from Turkey as well as aggression from the Iraqi army on the ground if they are to once again protect the Yazidi people from genocide.
Join us on April 27 to discuss these developments with local and foreign journalists, analysts, and politicians and to hear an exclusive report from the ground in Shengal. The event is co-organized with the Kurdish People’s Assembly (UK).
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Şami Ramo
– a prominent member of Tajê, women’s movement in Shengal
Sam Al Darwesh – a college student working in media, a member of the Autonomous Administration of Shengal and its resistance units.
Lloyd Russell-Moyle – a British Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown. He is the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Kurdistan in Turkey and Syria.
Şervan Ronny Castro – a New York filmmaker who is in Shengal at the invitation of the Autonomous Administration of Shengal. He has produced documentaries in the United States, West Africa and the Philippines.
Alexander Lambrechts – a free-lance journalist, currently in Shengal, conducting research about the post-ISIS situation of the Yazidi communities in the Sinjar region
Dastan Jasim – a Graduate Fellow at the GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies and a Doctoral Student at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. Her research focuses on the civic culture of Kurds in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey, as well as on security developments in the Kurdish regions.
Moderated by Meghan Bodette – Director of Research at the Kurdish Peace Institute
18:00 UTC+01ZOOM
8,March 2022
London Women’s Strike 2022: We Want to Live
On 8th March, International Women’s Day, we will take to the streets to demand that no more women are murdered: in our homes, on the streets, or in our jobs. We mobilise because we want to live. Between our rage and our care, we invite you to bring your joyful militancy to the streets.
It is not even a year since Sarah Everard was killed, and yet the state expects us to forget that it was a serving policeman who murdered her. Women die, and are dying, every day, from domestic violence, while support services continue to be cut. The Policing and Crime Bill uses the language of “protecting women” but explicitly targets those of us most at risk: migrants, trans women, sex workers, women of colour, GRT communities. Trans women are attacked and the British press laughs at us as we mourn. The hostile and racist immigration system tightens around women facing deportation, drowns our sisters at sea when they try to seek safety, and criminalises our sisters for speaking out.
Now more than ever, we must stand together to show this government that we will not be silent in the face of murder. Our demand is simple: we want to live.
Join us on the streets – bring your friends 🤝, your rage 🧨 and your feminist joy💥
Speaker list:
Cross-Border Assembly & Global Scream (Feministas Transfronterizas)
Ukraine Speaker
Striker from Great Ormond Street Hospital (UVW)
Bristol Sex Workers Collective
Nadia Whittome MP
Trans Sex Worker Rights
Performance from United Sex Workers UVW branch
Sisters Uncut
Kurdish Women’s Initiative Choir Performance
FALA & Rapist in Your Path performance
Kurdish Women’s Initiative
Voices of Domestic Workers
Music by Queer House Party
6PMLeicester Square
Study Group: Zapatisa and Kurdish Women
! The next reading group is on a Tuesday, hosted in solidarity with International Women’s Day 2022!

The fifth session of our study group on Rojava/ Kurdish movement and the Zapatistas will take place on Tuesday, March 8th @ 7pm EDT (US). The topic of this session is women in the revolution, alligned to it being International Women’s Day. Feel free to join even if you don’t get a chance to do the readings. 

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7PM-9PMPacific Time
A Womens’ place is in Rojava – Women Defend Rojava

Over the past decade, the women fighters of the Kurdish-led forces in Northeast Syria have inspired admiration and hope for a better world. Against all odds, these coura- geous women took up arms and defeated the Islamic State caliphate, while simultane- ously fighting for a radical re-imagining of women’s liberation rooted in the Middle East and the Kurdistan Freedom Movement. YPJ Commander Arzî Hesen will speak about the women’s movement in Northeast Syria, and how revolutionary understandings of self-defence have shaped one of the most inspirational social movements of our times.

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Thursday, 17,
#RojavaMustSurvive Organizing Meeting
Join us as we discuss updates from NE Syria, and plan the next steps in our campaign of solidarity with the Rojava revolution!
Meeting starts at 7pm Eastern.
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7PM-8PMPacific time