CENTRAL NEWS – The well known anarchist media sub.media collective shared a video talking about the current situation in Kurdistan in a cooperated work with the Brazilian group Antimídia in their websites. The video approaches about the current occupations attacks that are taking place in Southern Kurdistan and Shengal, as it’s the goal of the fascist turkish state to destroy the Revolution.

https://ok.ru/videoembed/3868289337903 “The revolutionary struggle of the Kurdish people gained media attention in 2013, following the triumph of the Rojava Revolution and the role that the defense forces played in defeating Daesh, also known as the Islamic State. However, this struggle began in the 1970s in northern Kurdistan, when a group of Kurdish students and workers organized to fight for the autonomy of Kurdistan, which was occupied by Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Iraq.  The fight in Rojava caught the world’s attention not only because it was a struggle between popular self-defense forces against Daesh, but because it had women fighting on the front lines. The Women’s Protection Units, known by the acronym YPJ, was covered extensively by the world’s media. However, the corporate media has never been interested in delving into the story of how these women organized themselves and for what purpose. The revolutionary process in Kurdistan has as its fundamental thread the women’s revolution. They have been present since the founding of the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. Since then thousands of women have joined the struggle, leading to the creation of autonomous women’s movements, and, in 1993, to the creation of a guerrilla composed solely of women, which would give rise to the YPJ in Rojava.

The revolution in Rojava further internationalized the Kurdish revolutionary movement, and since then more and more internationalists have joined the struggle. The revolution also caught the attention of the hegemonic powers of capitalist modernity, which have attacked it from its inception to this day. In 1999, intelligence agencies from the United States, Israel, and Turkey organized a plot against Abdullah Ocalan, one of the founders of the PKK and the father of democratic confederalism. The plot culminated with his kidnapping in Kenya and deportation to Turkey. Ocalan was sentenced to death, which was later converted to life imprisonment. Since then he has been held in total isolation on the island of Imrali and under psychological torture to this day. The criminalization of the party and its support network has only intensified, as do the internal and external attacks. 

Since 2015 the Turkish state, with military-technological support from NATO, has taken a more active and aggressive stance throughout the Middle East and beyond… Erdogan and the fascist coalition regime that now rules Turkey have moved on to pursue expansionist dreams. Since then, four incursions have been carried out in Rojava. Turkey has played a key role in the conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan , Libya, Cyprus, northern Iraq and in southern Kurdistan. The Turkish plan is to draw a line across much of its southern border, which is intended to encompass southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq, and Rojava, northwestern Syria, in order to gain new territories in the revision of the Treaty of Lausanne in 2023, adding these regions to its national territory and to appropriate their natural resources, which are essential to the decaying Turkish economy.

On the 18th of April of this year, the turkish fascist state once again attack the regions of Zap and Avashin. Every since then, the friends are resisting once more, the turkish state is again using chemical weapons against our friends, the people in the diaspora, the Kurdish community, the revolutionary movements are all rising up in all parts of the world against this occupation and once more, this invasion of the fascist state.

The same day that the operation started in Southern Kurdistan (in the mountains regions), in Shengal, the Iraqi army also attack the positions of YBS/YJS, and the people of Shengal, the Yezidi community gave their promise to resist the attacks. They gave their promise to defend their land. It’s really important that people know what’s going on here in Kurdistan, it’s really important to people to take action against this occupations attacks, against this genocidal politics of the turkish fascist state. We want to make a call to all internationalists, to all revolutionary struggles, to be active in this moment. To defend the Revolution, to defend Kurdistan. So I would like to make a call, for all those people to stand up, to rise up!”