To the press and public opinion:
Our forces continue to respond to the increasing attacks of the occupier Turkish state and its gangs. In this context;
On 23 April, in the village of Cilbir in the district of Rawêrawa, an action was carried out against a working vehicle of the occupier gangs. As a result this machine was destroyed.
On the same day, 2 activities were carried out in front of Malikiye village. Two gang members were killed in both operations.
On the 24th of April, our forces carried out an operation against a base of the occupier gangs in front of the Shehba district. 4 gang members were killed and 2 others were wounded in this action.
On the same day, 1 gang member was killed in a sniper operation in the village of Samuqa.
On 30 April, in the village of Kîmarê, our forces carried out a raid against a base of the occupying Turkish army. As a result of this action 7 invaders were killed and many invaders were wounded. The number of injured could not be ascertained. In this action, the bases and positions of the occupiers were destroyed. Also seized were 2 AK-47 rifles and some technical equipment.
As a result of those activities in general; 14 invaders were killed, at least 2 invaders were also wounded.
Afrin Liberation Forces
3 May 2022