SOURCE: The Black Head Quarter

On the night of April 17-18, the cell tower in the village of Belomestnoye in the Belgorod region (Belgorod Oblast). The action was planned and carried out by the group BOAK-Slobozhanshchina (БОАК-СлобожанщинаAnarcho-Communists Combat Organization – Slobozhanshchyna).

They were wrapped in rags, poured with incendiary mixture, and the cables that kept the tower on fire were set on fire.

The attack on cell towers in border areas not only causes economic damage to the entire Russian Federation (especially important due to sanctions and difficulties in purchasing new equipment), but also disrupts communication between the police and the armed forces – since the war in Georgia in 2008 ( when the column of tanks going to Gori was stopped only by the UAZ with an officer with a mobile phone who was able to catch up with it, since the military communication did not work) it is no secret that in due to the “victorious optimization” and plundering of even military budgets, the army and the police often they must fill the gaps in the provision of civilian resources.

Not without overlays, especially when recording photos and videos. The preparations and organization of the event were analyzed, and decisions were made to improve efficiency in the future. Stay connected, there will be many more interesting things 🙂

We would also like to note that the action was carried out under the yellow terrorist threat regime in force in the Belgorod region, which did not stop the partisans.