The turn of the century brought the twilight of capitalism based on a Nation-state structure, based on a naive social belief in the effectiveness and fairness of representative democracy or hidden forms of tyranny. As humanity, we realized too late the necessity of ecological and prudent management of resources, the degree of commercialism present in our everyday life, the powerlessness of the idea of existence against the power of possessing, and the disappearance of socially necessary behaviors in the areas of MEGA-AGLOMERATION. The above-mentioned features, as well as many others, are symptoms of failure of the system, which was built basically on one foundation – PROFIT.Our present world shows symptoms of an advanced disease, the fatal consequences of which can only be prevented by radical treatment.
However, we do not compare the word RADICAL with the word VIOLENCE.
We are aware that only radical changes in the rules of the functioning of the social organism, it’s decision-making, the ability to conduct and maintain debate and dialogue, can lead us as a HUMANITY in a more enlightened direction, based on cooperation, not competition.
The project of DEMOCRATIC CONFEDERALISM is based o refunding political structures of society. From representative democracy, serving to ruling classes among nation-states, into grass roots democracy, supported in the practices of direct decisions-assembles. Moreover, as a historical reformulation of our economic and social bases two fundamental pillars are driven: ECOLOGISM and FEMINISM. Understanding gender as a hidden nation not just among Kurds, but between our contemporary society, the liberation of women incorporates the rebirth of humanity as multiple hands democracy, read to start a truly democratic society, were women contribute as much as man have been contributing to the formulation of political, social, ecological and autonomous self-organized society. These are an anchor of hope for us, proving itself in the practical operation of the social organism in the AUTONOMOUS ADMINISTRATION OF NORTH-EAST SYRIA…

The main fundament of the currently social reorganization of peoples lies on a non-authoritarian socialist economy, where the figure of cooperatives works as a tool on the reconnection between male and female workers, providing necessary conditions to the break down of patriarchal structures in the organization of work. Therefore, the anticapitalistic model of economical functioning is the key to break today’s private property model that rules occidental economies.

Kurds have the right to live as much as many other oppressed ethnical groups all over the World from Guarani Kaiowá, in Brazil, till Yezidis in Irak. We defend the right to fight for freedom as a symbol of autonomy all over the globe. Instead of strong nation-states, witch would lead to ethnical cleansing, like Turkish war crimes in Rojava, we defend therefore a multiethnic federative model. More than formal respect, we need prctical cooperation between human groups, organized without social class divisions, without capitalist exploitation of worker’s labour and wherever oppression exists.

Our fight remains against imperialist countries that had transformed Middle East into a mercenary game for cheap oil and war mass crimes, paving the way for Islamic and other fascist States to kill man and save women for domestic labour and prostitution,, very much alike to peripheral women trying to survive in capitalist economies.
As an international collective ‘Radio 4 Rojava’, we aim to promote DEMOCRATIC CONFEDERALISM as a way of returning society to the sources of humanity while respecting differences at the same time. This website aims to act as a platform connecting people, organizations, and collectives from all over the world, seeing hope in the project of a new society, turning away from the direction our civilization is heading.

We stand against Rojava’s Turkish occupation and its war crimes. The persecution of Kurds all over Turkey, Syria, Irak, Iran and Germany. We stand up for the full recognition of Rojava’s autonomy through International and humanitarian organizations that have the responsibility to choose a side in the protection of Human Rights, wherever they are been broken.

We stand up with all comrades that make efforts all around the world on given attention to Kurdish issue in the Middle East and outside.
Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, political prisoner and key in the Kurdish peace process democracy!

RADIO 4 ROJAVA International Collective